My friend Cyrus’s comedy show

Ok so let me start this post by mentioning that I haven’t been eating a lot of dairy or gluten lately, I’ve pretty much cut it 90% out of my diet except for crumbed fetta on my salads, because otherwise why don’t I just kill myself, but last night I had a Monaco Bar to celebrate my friends’ buying a house, and I think that perfect storm of gluten AND dairy did something to my brain that my brain wasn’t prepared for, and this is going to be the context that leads me to tell you about my friend’s show.

Cyrus Bezyan Interrogates Inanimate Objects for About an Hour got a lot of early buzz, including a write-up in the North Shore Times where Cyrus stands awkwardly in a line of other comics in what I think is now his “comedy clothes”, and as a result of this or perhaps as a result of his cult following in local comedy circles, his show sold out almost straight away.

cyrus b

I was lucky enough to be given one of Cyrus’s “media comps” in return for “reviewing it on my blog” and so here we go. A review.

This is one of the weirdest and trippiest shows I think I have ever seen. I entered on a dairy and gluten buzz and I exited on a different sort of buzz. It didn’t matter that the air conditioning was freezing cold, and that the sound and light operation was opening-night-messy, and that Cyrus left a bunch of his props backstage or lost them under the dark table where he keeps them: this was some crazy shit, and I was down with it.

The basic premise is that Cyrus inserts himself into a dreamy Noir-style detective world, where a crime has occurred. In order to solve it, he interrogates a series of inanimate objects who may or may not have been involved in the crime. Hilarity ensues.

The smogasboard of surrounding laughs told me a lot about the show. There was one extremely loud breathy screech behind me, a lot of long mumbling guffaws, and a whole bunch of people with their heads in their hands, shaking silently.

It is hard to do justice to Bezyan’s stage presence, but let’s just call it a wonderful melange of intensity, likeability, awkwardness and wit.

It was a great show and it has changed the way I think about inanimate objects. I’m treating printers and scanners a lot differently now. With a quiet respect and a white-hot rage, respectively.

You can find out more about Cyrus’s show and his work generally at this website. The show has been extended, with one more show on 12 May, so follow Cyrus on Facebook til then. If you want.