Jessica Bellamy

Drawings by a writer.


Simon is a writer. He works in the important real world as a writer and he rides a bike and likes to talk about that, and he also plays the saxophone. As you can see, Simon has many skills.

Simon has recently developed a new skill, which is the capturing of a human’s spiritual essence by the physical rendering of their face and body through strokes of charcoal onto parchment, also known as ‘drawing’.

Recently Simon was commissioned to draw his old childhood friend Jess and here is the result:


From the dog-themed setting to the dog-themed shoes, to the mismatching clothes, to the hint of a mustard coloured jumper, to the drama masks, to the asymmetrical hair, to my best pair of nunchuks: Simon has got it going on.

He also made us a back-up poster for Sprout just in case we need to punch people in the face with amazingness:


You can check out the rest of Simon’s work at his facebook page, here. My highlights are Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and the famous Britney/Madonna pash.

Would Jess Like Soul Drawing? Big time.

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