Jessica Bellamy

Dry July


I just wanted you guys to know that I am taking part in Dry July this year, to raise money for the NSW Cancer Survivors Centre. This is a great charity that looks at the physical, emotional and logistical needs of people who have faced cancer and are now trying to get back home and continue their recovery.

My Dry July team-mate (and housemate) Edmund Iffland has started offering art-based incentives to donate to cancer treatment at Wollongong Hospital.

I guess I need to trump his offerings with something you want just as much or more than his stupid caricatures. (But jokes aside you should still pledge to Edmund because it’s for charity, dude).


A personalised celebrity fan fiction of your choice FOR ANY DONATION.

Just tell me which celebrity, the setting you desire, and any interesting object/prop/detailand I will write you a story to put on your Inspiration Pin-Board.

I’ll do this for any donation, but the bigger the donation, the better (and longer) the story.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

Lindsay Lohan WITH a dog. In a car.


Lindsay Lohan AS a dog. With a headband.

YAY CREATIVITY! Donate here.

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