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Hats are a big deal right now. Hats are all over the place. Hats have become the salt and pepper that flavourises the bland snacking gruel we like to call “conversations at the water cooler”. Because of the Day of Royal Happiness and Official Sanctioned Joy, hats are totally blowing your and my minds right now. Big time.

Check out how much this hat makes me feel like a woman.

What do you think about hats? Do you enjoy the way a good brim can shade your thin sensitive nose skin on a hot day? Do you enjoy the way a sassy pom-pom’d beanie can tell fellow Winter-sufferers that you are way into the colour pink and not afraid which of your colleagues know it? Do you enjoy the way a feather tucked into your hat-band can tell people in the country that you are One of Them, you will hang in their bars and drink their beers and share their women, if it comes to that?

Well, I guess hats are pretty good then. They’re a way of fitting in, in all types of places, especially ones with a specific hat-related guest code. They can be decorated in all sorts of colours, and all sorts of wonderful styles including Bucket. They can be emblazoned with your favourite holiday destination, political cause or blog slogan. I know that I wear my Would Jess Like It fedora to only the best funerals.

Brim away, my friends. I have absolutely no problem with hats.

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7 thoughts on “Hats”

  1. Yes! I make no secret about my hat collection. The best one is ‘brown twenties hat’ and the worst one is ‘fake fur 80s top hat’ my magic hat is is from Nepal and has Buddha eyes on it. The lady who sold it to me when I was 8 told me I would be ‘looked at and looked after’ in the hat. I believe it is the source of everything good that has happened in my life.

    Since then, I have always wanted to travel to Nepal, find the good witch who made the hat, (she will know me straight away) and receive my triple blessing. And say ‘thank you very much, you are fantastic at making hats’.

  2. coloursofbyron

    I do like my hat. I glow when the dermatologist looks approvingly at the creamy whiteness of my bald spot. “You’ve been wearing your hat” he gushes. Indeed I have. Probably for reasons of vanity rather than health, ‘but I ain’t telling him that’, to quote Daffy.

  3. Vanessa Bates

    By chance I was wearing a hat as I read this. It is a sort of bright pink beret but the very word ‘beret’ makes it sound a bit better looking than it actually is. I like to wear it on cold days but also days when I can’t be arsed brushing my hair. Today I am going to wear it to a meeting. I am very pleased that Jess likes hats. I am also very pleased that Jess has devoted an entire blog to such matters.Smiley stamp for you, missy thing.x

    1. Thanks for reading, Vanessa! And I spent most of yesterday wearing a fluffy white hat with two pink feathers coming off the side. I wore it to a production meeting with no raised eyebrows. I like the idea of jazzing up what is in reality a souvenir from my Mum’s cupboard in Byron Bay with a French phrase, beret style. Chapeau du Hippie? Jx

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