I mean…look. No one likes prostituting themselves for their art, standing in front of their ‘new and sensitive inner turmoil’ red door, with a jar full of dreams/urine to throw at anyone who tries to undermine their craft/take a photo of them in a feather boa.

BUT sometimes a bit of pimping yo good self is important, just to make sure the right sort of people hear about what you’re working on, the ones who are out there in the world LOOKING for a philanthropic project to sink their polished pearlers into and to create opportunities for independent Australian theatremakers. And so that’s what this pimping is about.

We are trying to raise any funds possible for my first independent show in Sydney and if you fancy donating a bit of money, or you fancy passing it onto your friends/associates/workmates/enemies with bucks to spare, I would be extremely grateful.

The link will tell you everything you need to know about the play and the costs of putting on an independent production. We have cool ‘thank yous’ for donors and yknow what, I think I’ll let that link speak for itself.

Thanks for any publicity you can give our little child, Sprout.


Yours in pimping,