Jessica Bellamy

A is for Apple

 Shoshana, 12 years old, is about to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah, which will welcome her into the hallowed halls of Jewish womanhood. Miriam, double her age, is the teacher helping Shoshana prepare for her big day.

However, one question keeps stopping both student and teacher in their tracks: what even is a Jewish woman? A is for Apple is an irreverent, impertinent romp through the Old Testament’s patriarchs and matriarchs, in search of role models. Jessica Bellamy’s inventive new play asks how women can rewrite the myths that formed them, and create a version of ‘woman’ that embraces contradiction and complexity. A is for Apple relishes in genre-blending and cultural translations to ask lovingly provocative questions and welcome everybody into the tribe.

So, load up on Genesis, cue up some Missy Elliott and get ready for a night at the theatre that will leave you empowered and renewed.

From Griffin Theatre show listing

A is for Apple had its premiere at the Griffin Theatre, Sydney, in a season between 29 March – 9 April.

An archival recording of this production is available on request.

Director Scarlet McGlynn

Producer Jessica Bellamy

Cast Amy Hack, Zoe Resnick

Stage Manager Claire Ferguson

Production Manager Jamie Exworth

Set & Costume Designer Emma White

Lighting Designer Kelsey Lee

Associate Lighting Designer Saint Clair

Composer/Sound Designer Jessica Dunn

Production Assistant Paris Freed

“Some plays make you happier than you were before the play begins. A is for Apple is one of them.” (4 stars.)

Cassie Tongue, Sydney Morning Herald

“Words cannot do justice to Bellamy’s comedic gift and the actor’s skill…fabulously entertaining”

Catherine Skipper, South Sydney Herald

“Sassy and hilarious comedy A for Apple, …  is so good I could imagine it being staged in a little theatre off Broadway.”

David Spicer, Stage Whispers

“Bellamy’s uniquely irreverent, chaotically compassionate and imaginative writing propels the show to weird and wonderful places, with absolutely hysterical scenes unfolding that are laugh-out-loud funny and surprising.”

Michelle Sutton, Theatre Travels

Photography by Robert Catto
Photo courtesy of Griffin Theatre
Photography by Robert Catto