Jessica Bellamy


I write content and marketing material for business and non-profits, including newsletters, website descriptions, blog posts, social media posts, press releases, explainer videos, and e-books.  

Since 2019, I have worked as a contractor for the PETA Foundation, where I have written opinion editorials and advertising features. I also have written website descriptions and newsletters for Lil Becky’s Hot Sauce. 

My areas of expertise include vegan food and lifestyle products, performing arts, Jewish culture, and women’s wellbeing.

Want to hire me for copywriting or content marketing services?

Jessica helped Lil Becky’s Hot Sauce with product descriptions for our new website. She quickly captured the particular rock-n-roll-blended-with-neighbourhood-cat tone that defines Lil Becky’s, and created content that was snappy, engaging, and informative for clients. Lil Becky’s has maintained this working relationship with Jess throughout 2020, and we will collaborate more in 2021.

Josh, Founder, Lil Becky’s Hot Sauce

Jessica has supported Maneki Neko with her writing for several years, by writing advertising and fundraising material. She has written blurbs for cats seeking adoption and recently wrote the Chuffed fundraising profile for one of our rescue cats, Cattan. This fundraiser was a huge success and Cattan’s surgery was fully funded by the Chuffed donations.”

Samantha, Founder, Maneki Neko Cat Rescue

Below are some examples of copywriting work that I’ve done.

Adopting Senior Animals = A Lifetime of Love

After an experience like 2020, we all deserve to see out the year with some good news. Don’t worry—PETA’s got ya covered. November is “Adopt a Senior Pet” month, and even though the month is nearly over, we’ve collected some uplifting PETA adoption stories to keep you beaming into the new year. Who knows—these stories may inspire you to offer a permanent home to a loving senior animal, which saves one life, and brightens other lives, all year round.

Let’s double the joy by sharing the tails of two special girls: Mingo and Missy.

Anne-Louise Sarks looks for the redemptive qualities within Shakespeare’s most problematic comedy

When we catch up with her in late June, Anne-Louise Sarks is achieving a level of 9am erudition that most of us could only dream of. She is incisive, passionate, and very awake. Sarks has a rehearsal beginning at 10am for Bell Shakespeare’s upcoming production of The Merchant of Venice, and she likes to be prepared. Readiness seems her trademark: ready for work, ready for interviews, and ready to engage with a theatre canon that can, at times, feel a little bit intimidating.

World’s First Vegan Investment Fund: a True Bull Market

Why did the Charging Bull cross Wall Street? To celebrate the world’s first vegan investment fund!

VEGN starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange this month, and will be the first completely cruelty-free fund. With a tidal wave of people embracing a humane lifestyle, vegan investing makes good ethical and financial sense.

Meet nine backstage heroes responsible for your favourite shows

That myth that Aussies have a slurred, closed-lip parlance stemming from the need to keep flies out of our mouths? No. It’s much more likely due to the use of our tongues, the soft palate and the geography of our faces.

But you know what’s indisputable about our accent? Its friendliness. Dr Geraldine Cook-Dafner found that, in the early years of her relocation to Australia, “If I didn’t smile when I was speaking, people thought I was really unfriendly. When I go to visit my brother in the North of England I think, ‘That person was a bit rude…I’m home!’” 

Make the New Year Count for Animals and the Planet

In a year dominated by COVID-19 headlines, it was easy for climate change and the environment to slide off the agenda: The word “climate” even fell off the Oxford Dictionary’s count of most-popular words in 2020. Yet, another recent count—the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change, which collates advice from global public health experts—reminds us that we must keep climate change squarely in our thoughts moving forward. This research collaboration monitored the relationship between climate change and public health and concluded that a warming climate threatens health, the economy, and our communities. The next few years are critical if we want to avoid catastrophic climate change, and we can make our choices count by going vegan today.

Want more girls to get into sport? There are two things we need to fix

My name is Jessica and I am a klutz. A klutz is one of those Yiddish words with no simple English equivalent. A klutz is clumsy, awkward and accident-prone. A klutz will not only slip on a banana skin, but they will also accidentally end up choking on the banana skin while splitting the back of their pants open and butt-dialling their boss.